The ULTIMATE COVID-19 Vaccine Personality Quiz

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Find out if you’re a vaccine CHAMPION or CHALLENGER!

1. So far, COVID-19 has made me:

Pick the face that describes your emotions best!

Freaked out
Rich! I sold the solution for $$$$$
A huge partier! It’s a pandemic of PROFIT

2. About 85% of the world population may not get widespread access to COVID-19 vaccines before 2023. This makes me feel:

CONFUSED - WHY?! Essential medicines that keep people alive should be available for free to all.
PROUD - I am doing my job, which is to keep my company’s shareholders pockets greased and lined.

3. The COVID-19 pandemic is:

A Global Health Emergency. We are in this TOGETHER!
A chance to profit from new markets!

4. The fact that Uganda is paying more for COVID-19 vaccines than European Countries is...

Unbearable, we are not safe until everyone is safe. Vaccines should be a global public good!
Fair...I guess. That's the market. The market will fix this. I am sure Uganda has a reason to pay more?

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